There’re a bunch of savages in this town…

Really….what kind of a nut job steals a confessional door?

One of the Missionaries of Mercy as there is just too much clarity in direction coming out of the Oratory?

Someone upset about the restored bells?

One of Ann Barnhardt and Steve Skojek’s shape shifting lizard Jew friends?

I don’t know. Do please pray for this person that he may return the door and then use the confessional to get washed up.

 More here…



  1. I know I shouldn’t, but…

    lol – just a tiny one. 🙂

    And only because I know it was returned. Otherwise it would not be so humorous.

    That is an odd thing to steal. Did the thief say why, or did they return it anonymously?

    I am not sure if you remember my post from some years back, when I was in Saint Louis, and I was photographing that Church outside, and the unusual encounter I had, but somehow – I can see that happening there.

    I am glad it was returned though!

  2. The article I saw indicated that they just did a drop-n-go. Perhaps I will learn more at/after Mass today.

    I knew you had the nomad article here but my feeble memory does not recall the details. Do repost it, though!

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