More on the Bells – In Case of Theft

I certainly would never desire for this to happen…absolutely never…but if any portion of our newly-restored bells were stolen, perhaps the interview with the St Louis Metropolitan Police detective would be something like this 🙂



  1. LOL! 🙂

    Just make sure that if such a caper ever does happen, the police clobber the man who stole the clean copper clappers from the closet in this…oh, I ran out! LOL All I got left is: Claude Cooper from Cleveland who is a cleptomaniac and Clara Clifford the cleaning woman…that is one tongue twister!

    1. As long as Claide Cooper from Cleveland and the cleaning lady Clara Clifford doesn’t cop the Chartreuse, we will survive 🙂

        1. What makes this Carson/Webb bit so funny isn’t so much the tongue twister but the fact that both men kept a straight face until the very end.

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