Are you looking for a new home?

Aaaaand…it’s under contract!
Looks like StLouisCatholic gets some bourbon!

Marc's View on Stuff

New to St. Louis???

Looking for that first home for your growing family???

Looking for a quiet city neighborhood and solid classical brick (and blessed by priests of the Institute) home???

Looking for a short 12-15 min drive to St. Francis de Sales Oratory???


Our listing is here.

YOUR NEXT HOME! (Photo courtesy of Garcia Properties)

Sancte Joseph, ora pro nobis!

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  1. God bless and hope all goes well. The process is agonizing but your home looks immaculate! If I could be a city dweller, I would strongly consider, being so close to the Oratory the big draw. Could you tell me the paint color you used in your home? In some pics it has a green undertone and in others it is definitely a strong gray. I love the color! Would appreciate it if you could let me know, if you have that information. Thank you. Found you through STLC.

    1. Hi Karen

      The colors were suggested by our excellent agent. They were pretty simple. The grey was called “Mindful grey.” The white was “alabaster white.” “Glitzy gold” was used on the front door. I think they were Sherwin Williams schemes. It leaves the buyer pretty much a blank canvas to paint it more colorfully if they want later.

      It worked as we are scheduled to close later this month!

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