Words matter

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a groupie of Taylor Marshall. I do admire the guy for starting up his own business in the wake of the mess and demise of Fisher More College down in Texas.  But beyond that, I’m pretty indifferent. 

Anyway, today he posted a blog entitled, “10 Radical Ways Catholics Can Reclaim Marriage.”

It can be read here in its entirety. Most notably is number one:

Start using the term “Holy Matrimony” and always use that term. Yes, you don’t need permission. That’s capital H and capital M. Go there. The word “holy” is important and “matrimony” has its etymology in the Latin mater meaning “mother.” Matrimony brings about the procreation of babies and makes women into “mothers.” Holy Matrimony. Got it?

Being the father of three daughters, I also like this one:

Recapture Holy Matrimony as a church event and this means we need to distance ourselves from the pomp of the afterparty, flowers, cake, guests, etc. Holy Matrimony should feel more somber like a priestly ordination and less like a Quinceañera or debutant ball. Holy Matrimony is not a narcissistic parade for princesses and their mothers. It’s a sacrament. Reign it in.

It’s worth a read!

What would you add?

Sts. John the Baptist, Thomas More and Charles Lwonga, orate pro nobis. 



  1. I especially agree with avoiding the “narcissistic parade for princesses and their mothers.” And while matrimony is a much better word, I also don’t want to abandon the word marriage altogether.

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