Gene Gene the dancing machine has died. Please pray for his repose.

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Under the category of “Fond-Childhood-Memories-(that-I-shouldn’t-have-had-had-I-been-an-obedient-child)” lies this bit of awesomeness.

Some background:

There were two (2) TV shows I was forbidden to watch as a kid. One was The Dukes of Hazard. I honestly don’t think that it was because of Daisy’s lack of clothing…but it was that my dear parents F E A R E D that their firstborn, upscale suburban boy would turn into some hillbilly (and move to South St. Louis). Well..that fear has more or less materialized…sorry ’bout that, Mom and Dad!

The other show, probably more fittingly and justly ‘banned’ from my viewing pleasure, was the classic game show, The Gong Show. It hasn’t been surpassed in awesomeness (not) nor will it ever be…dare I say it…hmm?? EV-AH! (there…I said it…all of which had tongue planted firmly in cheek).

I came across a YouTube video that featured the semi-regular act…the often imitated…NEVER (NEV-AH

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