Awesomeness in medicine / Creepiness elsewhere.

Last week at work, I received this link from a co-worker about the miraculous healing of a youngster who fell through the ice out in Lake St Louis. I saw the email but was tied up with my usual tidal wave of system support fire drills that I did not read / watch it until the other day and again today.

Here is the article:

The situation was indeed miraculous. The teen was seemingly dead for quite a long time and then was producing a pulse and vital signs after desperate prayers from his mother. He was then airlifted to Cardinal Glennon, a place that we now know very well. When watching the video, two things struck me.

#1. AWESOMENESS – Dr Garrett treated the boy after arriving at Glennon. He is on our all-star list over there (among others).  His quick diagnosis and action on one of The Pinger’s complications shortly after his first heart surgery in 2013 saved his life. I was glad to see him in this clip and I was proud to say I met him and that he took such great care of my boy.

#2. CREEPINESS – I was disturbed on this double standard. During he video you see the boy’s pastor walking around the Pediatric ICU, holding his hand. The boy is 13. Could you imagine the outcry and protests if that was a Catholic priest??

One could meditate (as I have with The Pinger’s situation) on WHY God brought back this boy from what was many minutes of unresponsiveness for 45 minutes.  I hope he converts. Pray for him and his family.

AAAANND…back to awesomeness…just because I’m an aviation geek, watch Glennon Air head out to take care of someone else.


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