Repost & note on >> Total Consecration to Our Lady as an Advent Resolution

NOTE: I received the first installment of this devotion this morning and it is a lighter version than what I was expecting.  Although the prayers are the same (Veni Creator, Ave Maris Stella, etc.), it does not contain the gospel, Imitation of Christ or other readings as my version from the iPieta or from this version from the St. Benedict Center. I’m not an expert on this devotion, so maybe there are varying ‘rubrics’ on it. So I’ll refrain from any further commentary.


I wanted to pass this resource along to my dear readers.

Over at, they are running a service to provide the 33-day consecration to Mary in a handy email-per-day manner to assist you in making the consecration.

I’ve signed up and it starts tomorrow, Sat Nov 22nd and ends on Christmas Day.  Won’t you join me and their goal of 10,000 others?!

Watch the video below and if you want to join, you can go to his sister site,


I would like to invite you to leave a reply. Thank you!

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