At this time tomorrow…

…I will be recovering from my first half-marathon…God-willing, one that I will complete.

Where did those two come from?

Where did those two come from?

But for now, BEFOREHAND, I ask for your prayers for a safe and fun race.  I will keep, you my dear readers, in my intentions as well during the race.  As I suspect a 1/2 marathon will take me upwards of 2 1/2 hrs to complete, it will leave time for many rosaries 🙂  Not to mention plenty of soreness to offer up for the blasted Extraordinary Synod which approacheth and for the cause of pro-life.

I took the opportunity this morning to get the race packet rather than wait in line tomorrow before the race.  I took the course map and drove it with the kiddos in the 12.0.  My my my…along with upwards of 450 runners, there will be miles of rows and rows of cornfields to keep me company 🙂  Definitely not Creve Coeur Lake or Queeny Park, fer sure!  We’ll be out in the country!

Of course, I’ll have a full post-mortem race report as well as some pictures of the pre, during and post-race activities (beer is served at the end…nothing like a pre-noon beer for good health!)

All in Christ!
For Pro Life!

Plodder Marc



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