A “Jolly Good” Video on the Institute’s Work in the UK

Hat tip to TantumBlogo down in the great state of Texas (home now of many In-N-Out Burger restaurants to boot!) for linking to this video.


There are some familiar faces on this video. One of our newly ordained, Canon Altiere, and of course, the beloved founder and prior general of the Institute, Msgr. Gilles Wach.

I loved how warm Bishop Davies welcomed both the Institute as well as the Traditional Mass, being the first to celebrate Mass upon its re-opening.  I’m sure he’s now on a short list to be sacked, as the Brits say, by Rome for his warmness towards this traditional movement.  🙂  Please pray for him and for this apostolate of our beloved Institute!



  1. Thanks, Marc. What a lovel video. Listening to these grateful parishioners, I was struck by their–dare I say it– humble awe of the beauty of the liturgy and the God they worship through it. Give me this every day. It sickens me that this is identified as the problem–and not the solution–by half of the bishops in white surveyed in recent polls.

  2. Ah!! What a beautiful video! So many familiar faces!

    The parishioners are certainly so grateful for this wonderful opportunity. In contrast to the rest of the Catholic environment, it’s like a glorious oasis in the middle of a vast, dry desert. Visiting made me realise just how much I take the opportunity to attend the TLM for granted.

    Did I mention I even got to meet and talk with Bishop Davies too?!

    1. I’m sure that was a great experience! I came to the TLM after it had been established here in town for many years. Therefore, I do not fully appreciate the work done from (essentially) starting from scratch.

      His excellency is a brave bishop. May God grant him many graces for his generosity in this!

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