Malta or bust!

As I sat and read the likely news about the sacking of Cardinal Burke, my coffee just did not taste as good as my usual 3-4 mugs full only amounted to two …kinda like Timbro and his lucky charms 🙂

But being the sanguine here, always looking for the silver lining, my thoughts turned to similar…thoughts as this image below:

Our Lord allows the very good to suffer the most in order to expiate for the rest of us slackers.

But I also saw these photos of last month’s ordinations again.  In particular this one:

Image courtesy of the Institute of Christ the King’s website

Based on the crowd above, perhaps he will have plenty of visitors and friends in Malta!

Our good Lord has allowed or permitted this via His active or passive will. If it were not for the benefit of each of our immortal souls, most particularly Cardinal Burke, He would not have allowed it to happen.

So, Thank you, God, for this situation, these confusing times, the rise of these modernists, and the rest of the stuff that is hitting the fan.

In that light, you will find this sermon quite consoling:


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