Rally Squirrel of 2011 and Msgr Louis Meyer, RIP

While walking around Cardinal Glennon in previous visits and once again today, I observed the fact that the hospital did not hide it’s milking of the Saint Louis Cardinals Rally Squirrel phenomenon from a few years back.


This included a play area:


Rules of said playground, including a prohibition of alcohol (hey, I thought this was a Catholic hospital! 😉 )


But it also included the wagons that are used to carry personal effects and/or children around the hospital or for discharge, etc.  Rally Squirrel utter milkage:


But upon the back of some of the wagons has this sign:

“Powered by the spirit of Msgr Lou Meyer.”


“Powered by the spirit” is a little cheesy.  The wagon is powered by he who pulls it, but I do understand why they say that. Monsignor Meyer was heavily involved with Cardinal Glennon’s development and many other acticivities for the local yutes, especially sports. I’m sure he helped in some of the fundraising for the work here.

Normally, I would not take the time to say anything about this. I am not a huge sports fan. But I do ask for your prayers for Monsignor’s repose as he died a few years back. (http://stlouisreview.com/article/2011-05-14/msgr-louis-f-meyer)

Why this particular priest versus any number of priests who have passed away?

Monsignor was instrumental in my return to the Faith more than a decade ago. He served for many years as the airport chaplain. I would often seek him for a quick confession as the airport is close to my work. He was very generous with his time in this regard for me, and very patient.

Please, in your charity, pray for his repose.

Msgr. Louis Meyer, RIP

Thank you!






One comment

  1. That’s lovely, Marc. Thanks for sharing that. Love you.

    Please call us tomorrow when you can. I’m feeling much better & will probably go into work later in the afternoon. These super antibiotics must be working!

    Love to you all, Mom, Dad, too

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