It has been ten (10) years…

As I was getting ready this morning for my day of jockeying a desk, I recalled that it was the beginning of July. July marks several things.

Obviously, our nation’s independence was declared over two centuries ago in July. These days, it would seem that independence from a multitude of other things needs to be declared.

Fireworks stands are setup a mere few feet from gas stations and/or bomb factories in neighboring counties.

We mourn the loss of our fifth child through miscarriage.

This July, however marks a decade (huh??) of one of the most difficult decisions I had to make as head of this here household.

The wife was frustrated with my waffling on what to do with our old parish situation. She asked me as head of the household to MAKE A DECISION. (“Who, me?”)

That decision led us to fully embrace the Traditional Latin Mass. My buddy Timman wrote similarly here: http://stlouiscatholic.blogspot.com/2014/07/feast-of-most-precious-blood-ninth.html

The decade has passed by very quickly. I can hardly believe it!

Awhile back, I took my vast international readership on a trip down memory lane on this journey:




I am very grateful to many people on this journey. First and foremost, The wife. Her confidence in me to make this decision has brought nothing but graces to us all.

Secondly, our dear canons who tirelessly give us great generosity in their time shriving us and in spiritual direction.

Thirdly, to the many friends who took the time to teach us much about the Traditional Mass and sacraments and leading a much richer Catholic faith.

Finally, to Pope Benedict and others like Cardinal Burke who helped make this beautiful Mass more available for us all. I pray their successors do not destroy what they’ve done.


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