More from Dom Guéranger on Corpus Christi

When doing my spiritual reading today, I came across this gem from Dom Guéranger:

We recognize thee, O Bride of Christ, by this mark, that thou now lispest with us who are weak, thou who heretofore, didst sing so divinely with the strong; and that thou, who so long enjoyedst the peace and company of thy Spouse, art as ready and as powerful to meet and vanquish His enemies, now that they are filling His world. This struggling, this laboring, and yet misunderstood and blamed by an ever-increasing number of ungrateful children, thou wilt not abandon them; thou remainest, that thou mayest carry to the last of the elect the sacred Host which is to unite him with the great Sacrifice. Affectionate and generous mother! We will follow thee in thy militant career; through the laborious passes of the steep road which leads thee to thy eternal rest; we will follow thee because thou bearest with thee the treasure of the world. The bolder the attacks from heresy, and the more insulting the neglect or blasphemies of ungrateful children, the louder shall be the profession of our faith, the humbler our adorations, the warmer and truer the demonstrations of our love towards the sacred host.

Corpus Christi 2012

Let us pray for our shepherds. Lord, strengthen those who love thy Holy Church; grant those shepherds who intend to destroy thy Church, the grace of repentance.

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