Sights from my retreat – Part II with a #FAIL.

Sadly, the retreat center, as beautiful and as orderly as it is in most areas (which I attempted to capture here: ) was met with disorder and modernism infestation here in the dormitory chapel. Fortunately, there were no retreat events here. It would have been so distracting:




What do you bring?

Aliens? Something from Pink Floyd The Wall?

There was some junk on the altar too. I could have done without seeing this. One of my fellow retreat-goers failed to warn me of this monstrosity.  Our Lord resides in this mess. Fortunately, I found refuge in the main chapel as previously reported.



    1. Perhaps it was the other group that was there on some kind of “ethics conference.” I overheard some of their conversations and there were a few examples of folks questioning Church teachings :-/.

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