Some good news from the Phoenix Murder of an FSSP priest

Please read the whole post of Fr Carota:

This, below, was very reassuring to read. I’ll bet Fr Walker had his brown scapular on!

Knowing Fr. Walker, I am deeply saddened by his death, and the way he had to die. But I also am consoled that very very likely he was in sanctifying grace after attending the retreat and the way he believe and lived his traditional Catholic faith. Fr. Terra, in the seriously wounded condition, gave Fr. Walker Extreme Unction. That was a very heroic deed of Fr. Terra.

May Father Walker rest in peace. Amen.


One comment

  1. When I went on my long journey with the Hootiekins, we attended Mass at this church. The parishioners were very gracious and kind. I cannot say if these were the priests that offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass but, I do recall how beautiful it was and also the sermon was very fitting and poignant.

    Yes, what a beautiful witness to the faith the amongst it all, Fr received last rites from his heroic friend and priest.

    The daily lament and struggles our priests must have in the fight for all our souls. Let us all take a moment to pray for all our priests and religious.

    Thank you for sharing the news Marc.

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