Dom Guéranger on The Lent – Part 1

There is a great deal written on Lent and its history and development over the centuries.  I enjoy reading each year the section on the fast and how it has gotten easier and easier over the centuries….to the pittance of two fast days a year as the bare (canonical) minimum to avoid mortal sin.

Anyway, I saw this quote:

In the early days of Christianity, fasting included also abstinence from wine, as we learn from St. Cyril of Jerusalem, St. Basil, St. John Chrysostom, Theopolis of Alexndria, and others.  In the west this custom soon fell into disuse.  The eastern Christians kept it up much longer, but even with them it as ceased to be considered as obligatory.

I had a brief sanguine moment there and imagined (sillily) of an angry mob storming the Vatican with pitchforks and torches DEMANDING that they get their wine!  “We’ll offer flesh-meats, milk-meats and other animal products…BUT NOT THE WINE!”

For this, I am truly grateful!


Wine suitable for lent!


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