Life with boys – A budding surgeon

There has obviously been a lot of talk around the house about hospitals and surgeries lately.

Mr Flip recently was being his three-year-old-boy self (I think I heard some groans in the background from my readers). He was sitting around the table and had a small ceramic salad plate in his mouth. There was nothing on it; he was just being silly.

I asked, “Can you please take that plate out of your mouth?”

Flip did so.

“Do you know that is glass, and if it broke, you would have to go to the hospital?”

“Oh, no I didn’t”

“Yes, the doctors would have to get the pieces of glass out.”

“Would they have to cut off my head to get it out?”

“Well…not exactly,” I said, as I had to stop myself from busting a gut while trying to be serious with him. “Please don’t do that again. We’ve been to the hospital enough.”

No doubt, I will eventually chew a hole in my lip or cheek from this guy as he grows up and me and (de)-mentors his two little brothers!




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