Year-end wrap up

A Merry Christmas to my vast and international audience! (I’m sure someone from Canada has read this blog at least once…maybe someone who visited Canada? Anyone anyone?

Anyway, I started off the year with corporate-like goals for the year and then then updated them at the end of the first quarter. They have since lied un-statused.

Looking at them…most were unfulfilled

-Career…lots going on in the industry in which I work. My employer is doing what it can to keep costs down and is not offering too many positions to be promoted within and still here in STL. In light of The Pinger’s health issues, I’m more interested in maintaining the status quo to keep things as stable as possible at home as the light at the end of the tunnel with further 6-figure hospital stays remaining. I’ll continue to work smart and work hard. My bosses are acknowledging this, so I’ll keep in keeping on.

-Financial…status quo there too. Baby step 3. The budget committee meetings continue and are very effective. We manage to make it work but are not gaining much forward progress but we are not going backwards either. In about 3 months our mortgage balance will be down to 5 figures! That is, however due to normal payouts vs cheating on the baby steps. Dave Ramsey watches over our shoulder so we dare not cheat! 🙂

-Spiritual…I think I made good progress here. I’m finally getting some good meditations in and it is making it easier to keep resolutions since they get coupled with the prayer. Continue this for 2014.

-Physical…I pretty much maintained the weight unfortunately, but I do think that my overall health got better. I set a goal of completing a 10k which I exceeded with the rough Pere Marquette race…just not in the timeframe. But I also ran a total of 5 races which was more than I thought I would do. 2014 plan…run all these races again and perhaps a few more AND get my pace under 10:00/mile. That should come with the final 30 lbs I would like to drop.

-Intellectual…I did finish the books I mentioned in the update but did not read much more after that. I determined that I thought the time was better spent with prayer and I got sick of reading Protestant and/or new agey stuff.

-Family…said NO out of selfishness way to often. Tried to reboot during advent and Christmastide. I hope this turns out better this time around.

-Social…no change from last update. I do plan on leaving my desk most days each week to walk around the plant. It’ll help with the physical side for sure. I still want to have new families over so we will try that again presuming everyone’s health is good.

So…what else happened?
The Pinger’s first weeks of life after conception and his birth and subsequent surgery.

–Not that I intend on making blogging a profession but I had my first ever quasi guest post. It was on Rorate Cæli. They were featuring large family parent’s thoughts and advice for those who might be apprehensive in having large families.

–The return of our beloved rector after over a year’s absence was a great blessing!

–A new pope…not going there! Keep calm and stay in the boat!

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What will AD2014 bring me? Who knows? Where should I take this blog? More funny family stuff? Edgy/controversial? Dare I kick over the modesty beehive? Dare I take on an uber Protestant career podcast? This stuff’s been rolling around in my head for awhile. I’m not sure if I have the energy to deal with it either. Time will tell.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading! Thank you, more importantly, for the prayers for The Wife and The Pinger They need it the most right now.

Have a blessed 2014!



  1. It is always a joy for me to come here and read your blog ! Many thanks for this and keeping us in the lopp so to speak .
    Your wonderful and beautiful family is one of the many gifts in my life.
    Sitting behind them each and every Sunday at Holy Mass is beyond words….It reminds me of my own family (back in the day) happier times .
    Prayers for The Wife and the little one …..I am going to lite a candle for them at St. Francis de Sales …God Bless you all ! Happy and Blessed new year to each and every one of you!

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