This dad’s favorite baby stuff

I am sure there are countless blogs with countless reviews of baby stuff.

Here are my top three

#3. The Wubbanub. This is new to us as we were not huge pacifier users until The Pinger showed up. Before his surgery, we needed to keep him as relatively calm as possible; otherwise he’d start turning blue from his oxygen sat levels dropping so we used (gasp) the pacifier.

It is a little beanie-baby-like puppy that has one of these industrial strength Soothie pacifiers sewn into its mouth. This is great to keep pacifier from falling out of The Pinger’s mouth.


#2. The swaddle blanket. These are awesome. Slide baby in, wrap Velcro-enabled “wing” over baby and he is trapped inside snuggly cocoon. Very rarely will he kick out of this. It is just as effective as the post-partum nurse’s swaddle in the hospital. Too bad they don’t make adult sizes!


#1. The baby swing. Unfortunately we have not set this up yet as we fear if what The Pinger’s next two older brothers will do to him (or the swing itself) if we set it up. I can just see Flip and Bruiser on either side of the swing, pushing terrified baby back and forth…not a good image.

So well stick with items 2 and 3 above….or together!



Honorable mention:

#1. Trusty ceiling fan. The Pinger is enthralled with shadows, especially those that move. He will stare and smile at this for several minutes at a time.


#2. Tom the Turkey was given to us at the hospital. He keeps The Pinger company now in his bed but was great in giving us a hand / beak in holding his ventilator. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do in the PICU!


#3. Trusty big sister. This works most of the time…is she’ll just let him be 🙂




  1. This was a clever idea for a post! Glad to see what the Wubbanub looks like as The Wife had described it over the phone. And the picture of the Goddaughter – she is growing up so well! The Pinger looks very happy in her arms.

    1. She is getting big real fast. Doing dishes as I type this and she insisted on leading the rosary tonight. I think she is very much wanting to receive her First Holy Communion this May.

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