On the lighter side of being at home for awhile…

My management has been very very understanding and flexible with our little one being the PICU now for 12 days.  During that time, I’ve had to prepare and deliver four formal deliverables to our government customer.  This was the first time I’ve had to do them on my own as I’m covering for someone about to have a baby:

Two CPRs and two CFSRs.  The CPR looks like this…or at least part of it does (there are 5 formats and this is NOT my program’s data):



Here’s some light reading on what goes into each report in case you cannot sleep:
CPR Description
CFSR Description

Are ya back, yet?


Anyway, I have to admit that I usually dread working at home. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being at home but my children, until now, have really had a difficult time understanding that I’m really doing some work (that I get paid for so they can, like, eat) and home to play with them, etc.  That caused me great frustration.

So, without further ado, here are some perks on staying at home:

  1. It’s never lonely. Sometimes my office is quiet and still.
  2. We have a few cordless phones that also have an intercom function. I can summon one of my children to bring me something to drink. They are happy to do so because they can play with the phone.
  3. I can sit in The Wife’s recliner (that is usually reserved for nursing baby) with my laptop on a large cutting board. I don’t have an office to call my own. My office chair at work is not nearly as comfy. (First world problems, I know)
  4. I can overhear their conversations. Our doors are anything but soundproof. It is quite entertaining at times. I hear “I’m gonna tell Dad!” a lot and it gets reeeeeaaaal quiet.
  5. I can have WEEKEND COFFEE every day!  What is Weekend Coffee, new readers? Well, just have a look-see here! (and have it delivered as pointed out in item #2 above). Dual bonus!  And it’s brewed in something shiny…a nice distraction for the sauguines here 🙂


In all seriousness, I never would have expected my little ones to be so cooperative the past week or so with the amount of work I had to do in a relatively short amount of time AND having really nobody to call on to help. I just had to make it happen and St. Joseph and others I’m sure helped it along.

I need to think of something special to do with them to thank them.  Any ideas, y’all?



  1. Pizza party? Ice skating? Bowling? Any activity that you wouldn’t normally do because of expense for so many. . . .I just purchased groupons for ice skating at Suson. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help, besides the prayers 😉

      1. Yes, could be challenging, especially if none of them have ever been before. Although, not sure ALL rinks do this, but I remember when we went over a year ago and they’d give the little ones buckets that they’d put upside down on the ice that they used to help them skate. Not sure when we plan on going, I’d have to check open skate times and check with hubby, but maybe we could meet up there. Although, *I* usually don’t skate, kills my ankles 😉

    1. I used to enjoy skating quite a lot and that was my first date with The Wife. But it’s been many years since I’ve done it AND I’ll need to be able to walk away and drive the Clampetts home!

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