Marc’s view on…Naps

This afternoon, I was feeling tired and was going to take a Pontifical Nap.  The first time I heard that particular name for a nap was several years ago by  The Doc down the street.  I thought that was a great name for it,  as I am the patriarch of my family aaaaand I often have to pontificate here to my minions.  But…later on, The Doc and I (and a few others) determined that there was a hierarchy of naps. These, of course, are the in the traditional order of things.  For the Novus Ordo version, please subtract 20-40% of the time 🙂

Type Duration
Low Nap (Daily)

Low Nap (Sunday/Holy Day)

~30 Minutes

~60 Minutes

High Nap ~75 Minutes
Solemn High Nap ~90 Minutes
Pontifical High Nap ~120 Minutes

I have thought that if I were ever the owner of a company, I thought this would be a good 30 day trial.

I suppose that I could try it in my car too.  Hmmm…maybe in the spring 🙂 It’s getting cold out there!


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