Please pray for the Pinger – Sunday AM Update

A quick-before-I-get-ready-for-Sunday-Mass-Update from The Wife who is camped out at the hospital.

Thank you once again for all the support and prayers you have offered our family.

It has been a very exciting couple of days for Pinger here in the ICU.  He is still on a ventilator and many other interventions, monitors and medicines.  They have tried to take out the ventilator twice now and Pinger has not tolerated it well at all.

Last night, the doctors discovered an air pocket on an X-ray above his liver which they thought was caused by a perforation in his intestines.  At around 10 pm Pinger was taken back into the operating room for a laparoscope in which they did find a hole in Pinger’s colon.

They are fairly certain that this happened due to poor circulation during the shunt procedure.  The blood flow didn’t get to this area adequately and so the cells of the intestine wall began to break down and a perforation formed. Although treatable now, there was nothing that could have been done to prevent it.

This is obviously a setback, but we are extremely grateful that this was caught as early as it was. Deo Gratias.

Please keep up the prayers! Thank you! Have a blessed Sunday, Pinger is definitely having a day of rest.

Thank you EVERYONE for your prayers!!  We know they are working!

In Christo Rege,


He had a shunt installed in his chest on Thursday. (Why? Read here) He is not responding well to being removed from the ventilator and is still in ICU.

An additional complication has arisen…perhaps a perforated intestine and will require another OR visit to figure out what the cause and fix is.

Please pray for his doctors who will need to determine the next course of action.

Thank you!

St. John of God,pray for us!


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