Say, brother, can you spare a rosary (or 300?) UPDATE

Due to your generosity, I was able to collect approximately 300 Rosaries to send along to our doctor’s medical mission.

Thank you and may Our Lady richly reward your generosity!  Please hold onto any extras you may acquire. I’m sure we will be doing this again in 2014!

As noted in the oratory bulletin…

Once again, our family doctor is taking his medical practice on the road to El Salvador for his annual medical mission. As in years past, he has sought anyone’s extra rosaries. This year is no different. There are baskets at the entrances to the Oratory for you to bring in your extra rosaries so we may box them up and send them on his medical mission. He leaves in early November, so the latest day we can take the rosaries will be on Sunday October 27th.

Please leave a comment if you are not local and I will figure out a way to get them to us 🙂

Thank you for your generosity!


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