Pre-5K Course Review

In less than two weeks, I am scheduled to run with Team Kapaun in this race, Missouri Military Memorial Foundation 5K.

I had time Saturday to load up the Clampetts in the 12.0 and take them to Jefferson Barracks park and run the course…well, mostly walk.

Other than a few off-road attempts and one partial roll-over in the stand-n-ride, we made it without too much trouble. We enjoyed the hour or so together on the park’s figure-eight path. There were a few long, gently sloping hills, but I think it will make for an excellent race, and a very scenic one to boot. Mid-October provides the area with such colorful foliage.

Some of our observations…

Four words I never would have thought could be together!

It is difficult to take still photos when running, duh!

The Clampetts were vey impressed with the dozen or so deer that were walking about the park. No Elmer Fudd sightings, though.

I think Gabbynot and Aboo will join me in this race…although it all depends on The Wife and when baby VIII shall be born.

I also took the opportunity to drive through the nearby national cemetery as a gentle reminder to them all…



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