Workplace weirdness

Last week, I had to give a brief overview on a subject that I deal with regularly at work. No, not determining if Miller Lite tastes great or is less filling. Not the Tridentine Rite vs Novus Ordo. Nor Five Guys vs In-N-Out Burger (as if there is some real contest there…I mean, 5 Guys does not even bother to offer a secret menu or 4×4 equivalent….)

What was this subject, you say? Why the topic of Variance Analysis!

Ahhh…the gentle sound of crickets.

When I was in school and undergrad, I really dreaded any kind of public speaking or anything with an audience. I’m told that as a yute, I was in a 1st or 2nd grade Christmas concert at school and I spent the song turned around facing the back of the stage! No doubt my parents were proud of their eldest boy that day!

But upon entering the corporate world and completing my MBA, I have come out of my shell, so to speak, and I am relatively comfortable presenting even to an unfamiliar audience. Perhaps allowing the Sanguine to be in his element has aided in this as it seems to be somewhat natural for me when I would just let it happen.

Last week’s presentation, however, was just weird. My audience, at one time, was approximately 430 people. But, I did not see a single soul. Nobody around to see if anyone was dozing off or if someone had an puzzled look on his face. No body language. No nobody.

All I saw was my PowerPoint presentation and this:


I suppose this is what it feels like to be a podcaster. I think I prefer the live audience.

Have you had any strange public speaking events or experiences?


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