Life With Boys | Chex and a Trabant

The Bruiser’s Uncle Joe brought back a little model of the classic East German Trabant 601. I am not that big a car guy, so when Uncle Joe brought this back from Eastern Europe a few weeks ago, I got a little lesson on the car. Perhaps I had seen it in movies and I may see it now that I’m looking for it in the old Mission: Impossible reruns The Wife and I are watching. Best.Show.Ever

Bruiser nor any of his siblings would exist today had I tried to pick up The Wife before she was The Wife in one of those on our first date as that date would have not been executed.

Anyway, in fine Life With Boys fashion, Bruiser pondered and wanted to see how many Corn Chex would fit in his Trabant at dinner tonight. Looks like three to me!




  1. I wouldn’t have minded the car. I’m not the car person in my family. Just my older brother. Besides, I enjoyed the company of you (still do!) and even endured you driving all the long ways to get to everything, until I showed you the St. Louis shortcuts. 😉

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