Chartreusings: Wausau Style

I have posted some links to sermons given at in the past several times. It is a great source for sermons on a variety of topics.

However, I often forget that our own beloved Institute clergy have a few spots of their own where sermons are posted. I listened to a few of them on my way into the office today.

Our Vicar Emeritus, Canon Huberfeld, gave a sermon on humility and rash judgement based upon the Gospel reading of the Pharisee and the Publican. He also used this context to talk about silence in our daily lives in the world and provides practical examples…good stuff for me and my fellow sanguines. (You know who you are!)

I encourage you to listen here.

I did love this quote, in the context of silence within the world, without being “Into Great Silence:”

We’re not Carthusians…we are Salesians, although we may enjoy the taste of Chartreuse.


Who says you cannot combine Chartreuse with an espresso demi-tas No coffee was harmed in this picture but the Chartreuse was happily consumed.



  1. More good stuff – thanks Marc. i have been listening/re-listening to some of the sermons on Audiosancto the last 2 nights, thanks again for the links.

    1. Anytime! Thru the power of modern technology, you’ll still be able to keep close to the Institute while away with the Scots. And (selfishly) you now contribute to my vast international readership πŸ™‚

      In some respects you are really geographically close to a lot of the Institute. I hope that you will have many opportunities to visit some of their apostolates, but I’ll be particularly envious if our visit Bavaria πŸ™‚

      1. Haha, I am actually heading to Mass at Saints Peter, Paul, and Philomina tomorrow in New Brighton, England!! Maybe I’ll make a point to visit every Institute apostolate in Europe… wouldn’t that be an impressive feat? πŸ™‚ One down… a LOT more to go!! Maybe I’ll make Germany my next stop, hehe

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