Growth of the Soil

Like my number one blogging arch-nemesis over at St Louis Catholic, I, too, am reading The Growth of the Soil. He made a post on it the other day.

I just started reading it this evening while The Wife does some homeschooling administrivia. It seems to be striking a chord with me already and I’ve gotten further along, seemingly, than my pitiful attempt at The Lord of the Rings. This chord-striking surprises this typically nonfiction blogger.

Being not of small stature myself, I could totally relate to this paragraph (sans the harelip). In my imagination, I picture Isak as a less-then-GQ dude…probably more suited as some minor-league professional wrestler…but what struck me was how a newborn could melt a George “The Animal” Steele like man:

“Isak peeped at the little red face; well shaped it was, and no hare-lip, and a growth of hair all thick on the head. A fine little fellow for his rank and station in a packing-case; Isak felt himself curiously weak. The rugged man stood there with a miracle before him; a thing created first of all in a sacred mist, showing forth now in life with a little face like an allegory.

Excerpt From: Hamsun, Knut. “Growth of the Soil.” iBooks.

Certainly I am not the only man who has not thought a similar thing when presented with their first-born?

Keep reading, Marc….you might be a fiction reader trying to bust out 🙂


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