It’s Bubba’s Birthday

Eight Years Ago this little guy was born…

Corpus Christi 2013

Photo Courtesy of

Read his birth story here:

Here he is in his ‘alternate’ serving location. Usually two days a week, I get the pleasure of serving Low Mass with him. He’s still learning, but is trying to do his best.

As I’ve pointed out in other posts on Marc’s View on Stuff, the reason I learned to serve Low Mass was for this very reason. I thought it would be a neat thing for pops and son to do. The words a friend put in my ear several years back still reverberate. He said something along the lines of, “Just think, Marc, someday you could be serving for him.” It brings me a smile every time I think of that. I also shudder at the fact that I am raising someone who could act in persona Christi someday. Whether or not I would be able to emotionally handle that will remain to be seen if it’s God’s Will for a priestly vocation for my boy. To be continued (I suppose!)



One comment

  1. What a blessing this young boy is …a light that shines for all of us to see…the Light of Christ shining forth from him as he serves …it touches my heart when I see your son in Procession .
    Happy Birthday Bubba , may the good God bless you today and always . Thanks a million Marc for sharing this with all of us , I am honored !

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