A fair comparison of OF vs. EF

Stemming from my posts on my transition (here and here) from the newer form of the Mass to the traditional form, I present you a video comparison.

This video compares a typical new rite Mass (pretty much said by the book from what I remember, and with the new translation to boot) with the beauty of the old rite (also, of course, by the book).  I have no idea which organization produced this video but I thought it was quite telling:



  1. WOW, when ypu see these side by side it is truly shocking and alarming .
    I am thankful for the Traditional Latin Mass .
    To worship the good God as He deserves is my desire .
    THE MASS: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form is the only Mass that I embrace .
    God Alone

  2. Not sure that is a “fair” comparison. In fact, going to call you on that. The video doesn’t account for any sense of the “ars celebrandi” as Pope Emeritus Benedict calls it, regarding either form of the Roman Rite. Or, rather, the shots of the EF have it but the video doesn’t use an OF with a good sense of ars celebrandi.

    1. Ok Father. I’ll give you that one. But can’t we, agree that unfortunately the depiction is pretty typical in most places? Your parishes, of course, being the rare exceptions as we have talked about that before at the Doc’s house. I know you are trying to foster the ars celebrandi and I think that is exceptional.

      The video depicts, sadly, what I’ve experienced locally and back at home.

    2. I disagree, Father. Perhaps 1 out of 100 average Catholic parishes incorporate the “Benedictine/Reform of the Reform/New Liturgical Movement” stuff. Its a fair estimate to say only 1 out of 100 Catholics priests know what “ars celebrandi” means, let alone take it seriously.

  3. Nicely done, Marc! It is important to point out that the comparison of the two manners in which these are said reflect the character of the respective prayers. Said another way – even if the NO Mass is offered in Latin and with the uncharacteristic reverence, it does not change the banal, anthropocentric prayers. It does not change the violation of centuries even millenia of liturgical Tradition. As Catholics if we do not have Tradition, we have nothing.

    “It is absurd, and a detestable shame, that we should suffer those traditions to be changed which we have received from the fathers of old.” St. Thomas Aquinas – Summa Theologica

  4. I’m not sure what good this video intends to serve. At first glance, it seems to show that the OF of the Roman Rite is open to abuse, ergo, attend the EF….only!!! If at the heart of this issue was reverence in Mass, end to liturgical abuses, and good liturgy, then this video would look different and be presented in a completely different light. Like Fr. Andrew said above, there is no comparison because the contrast of the two Masses is intentional. Everything in the video is meant to show the OF at its lowest and the EF at its best; regardless if it is supposedly “by the book” or the “typical” encounter. Videos such as the one above have only one message: the EF is superior than the OF. However, an EF Mass that is poorly said accompanied by bad music, tasteless vestments, an ugly church, and the lot, would not look much different than the OF Mass in the video.

    Perhaps a video with the same amount of artistry for both Masses, said by the same priest, with the same amount of attention to detail, etc. would be better than the above. Only then can you ask the question: “Can you tell the difference?”

    1. I do think you could tell the difference. I know I could in both the prayers and rubrics. They are quite different. It’s mixing apples and oranges in numerous cases.

      However vestments, sacred vessels and other ornamentation could be the same. You might be able to get them close on that part but definitely not on the prayers and rubrics.

      Partial credit for you 😉

      1. I think you’re missing my point entirely. The video does no good for the souls of the Church who attend both forms of the Roman Rite because it causes division. I’m not sure why EF attendees have to constantly try to point out differences. Do not the OF attendees adhere to same the beliefs of the Church? Are they not receiving the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, of our Lord? Granted, there are abuses, but should this be surprising considering the people involved? The solution is not to dwell on the fact that the OF is open to abuse or that the EF is being prevented from organic growth, and let’s make the best of this situation. After all, this life is painful and laborious enough as it is.

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