Four Years Ago Now…


I invite you to read my post from last year on this low point of our family life.

Life is Fragile

At Calvary Cemetery, the St Johns Mercy Medical Center established this memorial to all unborn lost and where the hospital buries these little ones, including Francis. We pay this site a visit at least once a year and did so today.


One day, on the other side of heaven, I will know where little Francis is. Worst case is limbo, where he will reside in perfect natural happiness. Best case, in the presence of the angels and saints in the Beatific Vision. I hope for the latter but fully expect the former.

Please pray for all those who have suffered from the cross if miscarriage. May they all be at peace with this mystery of life.



  1. I had a miscarriage myself …never really gave it much thought . I was so young when I had mine , I was devastated but never gave up hope …Those days in my life I was so ignorant of the Catholic Faith and I never knew that they ( The Church) still believed in or even taught about Limbo …I do hope that my little Elizabeth is with the Angels and Saints but I know that she could also be in Limbo …one day I will see her , and you will see your Francis . God Bless you and your beautiful family!

  2. I cannot imagine what either one of you went through. I extend my empathy for your loss four years ago, and I hope that as time passes it will bring more peace for your family and all of those in a similar situation. God bless you.

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