To Beard or Not To Beard…

not to beard.

I am once again clean-shaven. My post-Easter experiment is over. It was going pretty well until about the last week or so. It started getting real bushy…except the abundance of grey whiskers that stayed very straight and wiry. Complicate that with a week away with the family out in the wind and sun at the beach provided for me a real beach-bum look. ‘Twas not what I was really looking for and definitely not what the wife was looking for…and I really did not want to spend the effort to trim it…So it is, as the French say, la barbe est l’histoire.

However, had I kept it, I spent hours minutes pondering what I could do with the facial hair grown if I wanted to take the time to do something creative with it.

Option 1…nothing. Keep it and move to Huntington Beach CA / Surf City USA duuude…or move in a van…down by the river (of course). Family deserts me in embarrassment.

Option 2…The FuMan. Naahhh.


Option 3…The evil cabbie from “Live and Let Die.” I watched this movie wayyyyy too many times growing up. I was told that if I went for the chops, I could probably kiss my friendships goodbye. I wonder how much food got caught in the corners of that guys mouth!


Option 4…The St Louis Catholic. I would not want to be a copycat, nor would I want to reveal his, TheTimMan’s actual image and identity for fear of the administration. (Nor do I want them to think that I am TheTimMan.)

So…I resort back to baby face…like this guy!



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