Life with girls – Playing Nuns (repost)

The other day, my daughters were playing a game called Nuns. This is not a board game or anything but just something they invented. I suppose they imagined and pretended what life in a convent was like. They had recently watched the movie Therese (a few times) and St. Bernadette of Lourdes (many times) and I suppose they got this game’s idea from those movies. This was all going on whilst I was at work so I heard about this when I came home.

Apparently, the three girls were playing nuns upstairs. The Wife asked Aboo (9) to come down and work on the dishes. Peanut (5) came down a short time later and was clearly upset that Aboo was down there and not with the rest of the sisters. Although The Wife was in the next room, she could see what was going on and watched with interest/entertainment. Peanut, saying something to Aboo quietly, with deadpan expression and looking upward, proceed to slap Aboo across the face. Aboo took it very calmly. She probably had to keep from laughing.

The Wife: “Peanut, why did you hit your sister????”

Peanut (err Sr. Peanut) “Because I’m the mother superior.”

The Wife: “I don’t think so.” Mother superior was sent to the corner.

I am glad I was not at home, as I would not have been able to properly discipline without cracking up!




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