Love and Suffering Smack-down

During Lent, I re-read a book entitled Frequent Confession by Dom Benedict Baur OSB.  It was given to me for a spiritual read a year or two ago by my spiritual director and I thought it would be good to re-read it this year.  I am not a fast reader and I am now just finishing the book, although I had a few other interruptions around Holy Week with Dom Guaranger because it is so rich during that week with its descriptions of the liturgies and all of the stuff that was there before Bugnini (boooo hisssss) got rid of it in the 1950s.





Anyway…returning to Frequent Confession… towards the end in the Love of Christ chapter, there is a paragraph that the author reaches out an slaps me in the face.  I will “share the wealth” with you as well.

Here on earth, love involves suffering. True love for God and for Christ is generated by suffering and is developed and brought to perfection only beneath the shadow of the cross. He who is not willing to suffer does not love. Love urges us on to suffering because it is in suffering that it can reveal its full strength. And love must thus reveal itself, from an inner necessity. Above all, it is the love our Savior, of our crucified Beloved, that urges us on to suffering. The contemplation of His Passion never fails to awaken a desire of suffering and atonement in a loving heart.


It would seem that I need to re-tune some things.  Sanguines do not like this part of life.  But this sanguine needs to spit out his thumb and get to work.


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