You mean…they didn’t excuse you?


Let’s do it again tomorrow!



    1. The case she was on yesterday was settled this morning. Now they’re waiting to see if there is another case this afternoon.

      The process seems so inefficient but I really cannot think of another way to do it.

      Her entertainment yesterday was watching some dude give the jury supervisor some choice words as he committed contempt of court and left even though he was not excused!

      1. The “drama” yesterday sounds like the making of a YouTube video. At least you’re not having to watch all the news coverage of yesterday’s bombing – they had it on all morning at the car dealership and I kept leaving the waiting room so I didn’t have to hear it in the background.

        Happy reading, Peklet Mom 🙂

  1. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Someone just said, “this is only slightly better than watching paint dry…”

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