“You DO know what causes that, right?…”

…says a co-worker.

I say, with big smile, “I think we’ve perfected it.”

“What whaaaat whaaaat…SEVEN!?”
“We’ll, eight…we lost one.”

“So, you’re like, Catholic, eh?”
“Yeah, so, like, what exactly gave it away?”

“Your wife must stay at home.”
“Yeah, and she works much harder than I do here. My job is easy.”

Having this family of mine serves two purposes (amongst others):

  • Share in God’s procreation within the primary end of marriage
  • Practice delegation…a skill I desperately need to develop at work!
  • We will see this one in October!

    St Gerard, pray for us!




    1. Congratulations, Marc! We have #9 coming in July! My hubby has some great comebacks to his many comments with clients as well. Generally, they’ll share that they or one of their parents were one of 9, 10, 12, etc. Hubby just smiles and says,”Back when this was a great country, right?” He gets a few chuckles.

      1. Congratulations!!! Well done you two!

        I think the smiling and cheerfulness is absolutely essential in this battle for souls! The “opponent” hopefully gets that, “Oh…you really *do* know what you’re doing!

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