1st Quarter Goal Status

At the beginning of the year, I published my goals. I thought I’d do an accounting of them since I have not looked at them since {cue up Film Noir Music} I published them. The beginning of a new quarter is a good time to review.

GOAL:By month-end June 2013, I will rotate out of my current position and be promoted to a group manager. I have been in the same grade and have been doing very well on my performance evaluations. If I have not yet achieved this goal by then, I will work with my mentors and rotate to another position to gain further visibility.
STATUS: I have had one interview but they cancelled the posting. I am staring at two opportunities right now. This goal is still possible to meet. I am also looking at other ways of applying my skills over the long haul, in particular, with project management or operations. It seems to be a relatively natural next step. I still think at some point in my life that I will run my own business…but in God’s time/will. So…on track here.

GOAL: By month-end June 2013, I hope to re-complete baby-step 3 by completing our emergency cash fund so we can re-engage long term retirement investing and then start hacking away at our mortgage. Jenny and I will continue reviewing the budget each month or as needed. This process has been very beneficial to our marriage and cannot encourage it more!
STATUS: I think we are there now now. We briefly put it on hold to get an additional refrigerator and cabinet-level mounted microwave as out countertop version gave up the ghost. I would like a little more saved up but everything is laying flat and the wife is comfortable with the situation.

GOAL: This is a little less-specific, time-wise. I cannot say something like by 31 March, I will be in the unitive age of the spiritual life. It does not work that way. But what I can say is that I will re-engage my existing resolutions of spiritual reading and mental prayer by adding 5 additional minutes to each daily. My sanguine tendencies make both of these, especially the mental prayer, very difficult. I will continue my beloved Tuesday evening adoration/vespers/confession plan. I want to also study further the traditional penances and penitential days (ie the ember day practices, feast day vigils, etc.)
STATUS: Good…working this goal I with Lenten resolutions was successful. Meditations are still work for me bit I need to persevere.

GOAL: Ahh…everyone of us has this. Here’s my specific goal: Drop 30lbs by 30 June….. I would like to build up my endurance to be able run a 10K by 30 April.
STATUS: 10 of the 30 are behind me. So far so good but I have allowed too much cheating, otherwise I think I’d be halfway there. No go on the 10K. I just started running again on 4/2. I found a pro-life 5K in mid-May that I am going to do. Perhaps a 10K later in the year. It was just too darn cold to train this past winter (poor baby) and I did not want to she’ll out the cash for a bunch of gear.

GOAL: I am going to add things that are mostly career related here but they could also be relevant to family life as well. I started this in 2012 but made it about halfway through the year and let it slide. I plan on reading at least one secular professional development-like book each month. Although my order may change, here’s how I’m planning to start 2013.
I read three books:
Early To Rise
Beat Yesterday

I am almost done with “Return to Order.” l will be done this week.

GOAL:…. Therefore, I will be concentrating on saying YES to them, much more than the easy no.
STATUS: Better but not where it needs to be. Lent helped.

GOAL: I would like to open our home to a few new families from our Oratory or other places. That may be a brief lunch after Sunday Mass or something. Let’s call it 4 families who have not been to our home in the course of a year. Also, professionally, I think it would be good to get away from my desk for lunch, and go eat in the cafeteria…even if alone. I can’t live at my desk all the time. I am also going to start attending Toastmasters meetings at work, starting in February. I enjoy public speaking and giving presentations, but I know I have a lot of room for improvement.
One of the desired four families to the house has been met. I look forward to the others!
Bigtime FAIL on the work related. Not ONCE have I left my desk to eat lunch for the sake of getting away. My company’s stockholders need me just that much! :). Have not yet done the Toastmasters either.

This has been a good review for me. Retune and re-focus!

How are our goals for the year?


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