How to make the famous “Weekend Coffee”

What exactly is “Weekend Coffee?” Well, since this is a weekend, we put aside our Gevalia drip coffee maker and turn to the coffee snob Bialetti stovetop espresso maker and make homemade Cafe Americanos. We have the 9 cup version. Keep in mind that 9 cups in this case = 9 oz of brewed coffee.

The required materials are shown below.

  1. Tea kettle with missing whistle thingy.
  2. Container of espresso-ground coffee. It needs to be almost powdery.
  3. A demi-tas coffee mug to measure
  4. The Bialetti machine itself
  5. Your favorite mug.


First step…pack the coffee grounds into the funnel.  Unfortunately, this method of brewing takes about twice as much coffee than the drip machine…but it’s so worth it! Pack it down but not too tight, but do bring it to the lip of edge of the funnel.


Next, fill the tank up with cold water, to the line on the inside of the container.


Next, place the funnel on top of the tank and then screw on the top part.  Be sure not to use the handle, however, to screw it on since it’s not that strong.


Turn the stove’s heat on to just the low side of medium heat.  You want to bring this to a ssssslllllooooowwww boil within the tank. It enriches the flavor of the coffee.


After about 5 minutes or so, if you raise the lid off of the top of the maker, you should see some espresso ooze out of the stack inside the top part.  The major difference in this maker vs. a drip maker is that the steam brews the coffee vs. the hot water.  The steam is forced through the packed coffee grounds and as it cools, it turns back into liquid and comes out the two vents at the top of the stack.  Here you can say, “I’m not a thermodynamicist, but I play one on TV!”


All done! You know it’s done when you hear and see the coffee bubbling and possibly splashing out a bit, so watch your hands for the hot liquid!


Usually, we’re not drinking this stuff straight-up, so we make Americanos.  The wife likes hers a little weaker than mine.  She gets 1 1/2 of the little white mugs full of espresso, pour into a regular mug (The CHAMP program mug being her favorite) and fill the rest of the cup with the near-boing water from the tea kettle.



Sadly, this is diluted even further with a little heavy whipping cream.


As I was taking these pictures, I was preparing to take Bubba with me to go to the barbershop, so I prepared my coffee to go.  I like mine with two white cups of the espresso and the rest water.  But nothing else.  I take it black!



And, then, there you go!  A little insight into the weekend routine at our house (“in the middle of our street”)

Happy Drinking

DIGRESSION  The reference to the “middle of our street” goes back to one of  my favorite 80s songs (Yeah, I’m old enough to remember when this song came out)  Plus, the group Madness demonstrates their vast musical talent with numerous key changes to boot!

Prepare for the earworm!



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