Low carbage status – 1 week into the plan

Happy belated Feast of St. Francis de Sales, everyone! Please continue to pray to our patron for the necessary restoration of outer Oratory.

Yesterday also corresponds to my first whole week under the low-carbage plan. My goal has been to hit roughly ~100g of carbs each day. I really don’t know what the intake was before…probably several times that. I don’t have a very scientific method for calculating that value, especially with home-cooked meals, but what it has forced me to do is to really question “does this candy bar, bag-o-chips, or other processed product fit this criteria?” If the answer is yes, I will enjoy it. If it is no, then I will pass on it unless there is nothing else around to eat.

In addition to the food choices, I have also recommitted to some intentional level of exercise 5-6 days per week. Obviously I get some walking to/from my car at work as I park far away on purpose…but I’m speaking of a cardio workout with either a 33 minute elliptical machine session or a C210K trainer run/walk outside. As spring comes, I will transition more towards the outside vs inside. One downfall of that is I will be unable to blog (as I am writing this) or read books while running outside. Maybe being unable to blog while running outside will be a good thing for my vast international readership. Maybe you’ll get some real content 🙂

I addition to the cardio work, I am alternating between the NerdFitness basic body weight workout and using some free weights each day … Nothing fancy. This is the Nerd Fitness routine, repeated thrice:
20 body weight squats
10 push ups
20 walking lunges
10 dumbbell rows (using a dumbbell)
15 second plank (now 20 sec)
30 Jumping Jacks

So here’s what I have observed thus far:

If I am intentional about this, I will win.

It is forcing me to make better choices.

I really don’t miss the junk all that much.

The choices are paying off.

I have not had (what I think might be) hypoglycemic crashes when all the sudden I feel real weak and need to eat a bunch of junk right away to not feel weak. This may also be the result of too much coffee but since switching to lower carbs, this has not happened and I have not reduced the coffee.

I am down 3 lbs from when I started last week.

I have already increased the resistance in the free weights.

I already feel better and I am more awake in the mornings, which is a plus for an early-riser.

My evening energy is also a little better, so I am more awake to spend my evenings with the little ones.

Having to remember to ask the question if this is going to help or hurt my goal.

I think I might just have to keep this going beyond 30 days…I see no real benefit to going back to my old habits. But I will wait out the remaining days and will re-assess again.



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