What’s in the number XL?


(this is one of Bruiser’s early day photos…)

XL…not a size but 40…40 years

I am not big on dates. I have to schedule birthdays and anniversaries in my Outlook (work) calendar and on our iCalendar for our iPhones and lead them a few days with alarms, etc. Otherwise I miss them. It’s a sanguine thing, you wouldn’t understand!

40 years ago, the SCOTUS legalized abortion on demand. Roughly 53,000,000 innocent children have been put to death since then.

This sad date of our beloved nation comes around each year. I see the marches (and the lack of press coverage) and hear about the bus loads of young people who travel to WDC to join in the march to try and win the cause for the natural law and for life. Even then, the date itself really does not faze me very much.

Do I know anyone who, at one time, was scheduled to be the 53,000,001st to be killed? I have never really thought about this question…until today.

My wife and I are steadily building a friendship with this blogger and her family. She vulnerably shared her story about this very subject today…she would been that next number. Please read it here.


I am not an easily weepy person, but this certainly choked me up a little and was on my mind all day yesterday. Not because of any statistics or anything but the fact that I actually know someone whom I may not have had the opportunity to know, because of a choice.

As this relationship develops between our families, I’m very grateful that she was not X+1 in this equation as it would be one less family of faithful Catholics out here in the battlefield of the Ecclesia Militans….there would be at least three fewer little boys who may be the priest who hears our last confession…a little girl who may be the mommy of more priests, religious or parents to continue to lead this charge. I could go on and on. I will stifle my math nerdiness.

I wonder what kind of ‘vocation crisis’ we’d have with 53M more souls available to answer the call? Even if only 1% had the call…that would have meant 530,000 more priests over the past 40 years. 530,000 more nuns to teach our children at Catholic schools vs seeing schools and parishes close.

Something to make you go hmmm…

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!



  1. People just don’t get it. Our culture of death is just too rampant. “They’re only embryos…” blah blah.
    Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis!

  2. I witnessed the birth, (and went to all of the birth classes preceding it) of my nephew AJ, who may have been aborted too. My sister was encouraged by several people to abort her baby. Thanks to our doctor who took my sister in at a moment’s notice; the willingness, courage and the grace of God given to my sister, AJ is alive and well and 8 years old. My sister gave him up for adoption. We do not personally know him, but have seen pictures of him. He was on my mind a lot yesterday too. I wonder what great gifts he will give to this world? Deo Gratias!

  3. What a poignant topic! I remember when I was expecting my daughter unexpectedly. Even knowing these options were available was NOT an option!!

    I have made mistakes in my life which are hard for me to forgive myself for each day.

    Please pray for all of those who have chosen death. It is very final and I am sure forgiveness for one’s self is very hard.

    I think of Judas and Peter. Both betrayed Christ but only one sought forgiveness and mercy. The people who have chosen this final option of abortion need our prayers to be like Peter and not be hardened in their pride.

    Even those that have chosen life, the guilt of their sin is a very heavy load to bear some days too. Please pray for them as well. 🙂

    P.S. I am glad to see I am not the only person with truly Sanguine problems! I feel for you brother!

    P.s.s I only post this as I do because I have come to realize healing only comes in honesty. With sin, there is ALWAYS a wound that must be healed and for each person it is different. Many people have shared with me so I share too.

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