Adventures in Low Carbage – Day I

Here is how day 1 went:

Woke up at 0420. Why 420? Because I hit the snooze twice! (FAIL!)
Elliptical machine for 33 min and a round of the Nerd Fitness basic body weight workout.

I will chalk up Day 1 as a success food wise. I was able to stick to the food I planned to eat and avoided the snacks & such at the office. We pretty much have junk there. If I can overcome that element, I will be successful.

I was a little nervous about maintaining this today because I had to more or less skip breakfast because of meetings. Adding to that nervousness, the work day was pretty intense but ended well despite having to also miss dinner with my family due to these demands. I dislike doing that terribly but duty calls at times,unfortunately.

God-willing, Wednesday will throttle back a bit.



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