Seven quick takes for Saturday!

Good evening everyone! Happy First Saturday of January.

“Let’s get it started, ha”
“Are you ready for this?”
(or some other lousy song with a beat and no naturally produced sound)

It is First Saturday in honor of Our Lady. We went to Mass, and since today is also the eve of the Epiphany, we stayed for the powerful, but lengthy Epiphany Water blessing. We got this stash of water (2 gallons) and four 4 cans-o-salt (non kosher). We’re definitely ready for the zombie apocalypse and/or obamacare!


St Joseph came through for me big time yesterday. I had been working out of town before Christmas to setup a computer system. I worked with several people all week to get my remote access figured out (so i did not have to do the future work offsite) and it just was not working. About a hour before I needed to book my trip before leaving to catch the bus, the IT guy and I got it figured out. It was one of those “Te Deum, anyone?” moments. I felt like high-fiving everyone in the office. I did not do that, but I did get to ring a co-workers mini-gong! Not having to hit the road was a real bonus at least for this coming week.

Back to this morning’s Mass. I had the great honor of serving as first acolyte today. I don’t usually serve Mass at the Oratory but I wanted to help out Abbé. Bubba also joined me in the sanctuary, but nearby in the choir stalls. It also allowed him to see (and hear) up close how Low Masses are served, so he may learn soon and enter that rotation.

First Saturday also means breakfast after Mass with a few other men from the Oratory at a local Bread Co. It is a great iron-sharpening-iron time over breakfast and coffee. We discussed a book called “A Higher Call” which is about chivalry and WWII pilots. I came late on the discussion, so I missed most of it. We also talked at length about the Institute’s African mission as one of our group is very close to one of the priests there. Finally, before leaving, we talked at length about one of our family’s favorite movies, “The War of the Vendee.”

The flu seems to picking individual fights within the family. Earlier this week, Peanut threw up in bed and was ok for awhile. Later in the day, she did it again but was fine afterwards.

Flip, on the other hand, got sick several times late this afternoon. Poor guy. There really isn’t anything more pathetic than seeing a mischievous 2 year old “all boy” boy tossing his cookies and had no idea what is going on. As I write this, he is cashed out here in my lap. Hopefully the bug egressed with whatever else came with it.

There is no sign of anyone else coming down with this. As a precaution, however, we have distributed standard-issue stainless steel receptacles. We will bring the kids out of bed if needed to the living room instant infirmary since this stuff is easier to clean up on hardwood vs carpeting.


Our friends across the great state we live in have written about their industrial blender a lot. We got one for Christmas and have been experimenting ever since. I love seeing this…

Turn into this…

…in a few short seconds. Would a Chartreuse smoothie work?

Last item…Have a blessed Epiphany! All of our nativity sets will now have their full display!



  1. Another great post Marc. We really appreciate the insight into your life. Congrats on the BlendTec! Good thing our Rosary tomorrow is for the Peanut – though she sounds like she is out of the woods now.

    Here’s something fun Joe found today when researching the Magi – their bones are in Germany! (maybe you already knew this, but in case you didn’t) Check out this reliquary picture –


    1. We will take any/all prayers for her or any of us, actually 🙂

      Canon Lenhardt is from Cologne, I think. So I think it safe to say that he’s seen the reliquary. It’s one of those places on my to-see list!

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