Marc’s 2013 goals – Part 1

Well, I’m going to throw my hat in on the AD MMXIII goals/resolutions. Although I do not certainly subscribe to all of the late Zig Ziglar’s beliefs, I think he had a good approach to personal goals and such through the so-called Wheel of Life. One of the blogs I follow has a good article on this wheel:

Briefly the wheels are:

The famous Zig Ziglar wheel of life, courtesy of

And then to apply those categories to the following SMART criteria:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound
  • And if I may add a “W” – in WRITING! (hence why you’re subjecting yourself to this post!

(Doesn’t this sound real corporate??)

Anyway, so here goes:

  1. Career – By month-end June 2013, I will rotate out of my current position and be promoted to a group manager. I have been in the same grade and have been doing very well on my performance evaluations. If I have not yet achieved this goal by then, I will work with my mentors and rotate to another position to gain further visibility.
  2. Financial – By month-end June 2013, I hope to re-complete baby-step 3 by completing our emergency cash fund so we can re-engage long term retirement investing and then start hacking away at our mortgage. Jenny and I will continue reviewing the budget each month or as needed. This process has been very beneficial to our marriage and cannot encourage it more!
  3. Spiritual – This is a little less-specific, time-wise. I cannot say something like by 31 March, I will be in the unitive age of the spiritual life. It does not work that way. But what I can say is that I will re-engage my existing resolutions of spiritual reading and mental prayer by adding 5 additional minutes to each daily. My sanguine tendencies make both of these, especially the mental prayer, very difficult. I will continue my beloved Tuesday evening adoration/vespers/confession plan. I want to also study further the traditional penances and penitential days (ie the ember day practices, feast day vigils, etc.)
  4. Physical – Ahh…everyone of us has this. Here’s my specific goal: Drop 30lbs by 30 June. That is roughly a pound and change a week. How am I gonna get there? In late 2011 thru mid 2012, just cutting out the snacking and exercise. That worked for several months and I was successful. But that plateaued out and needs a re-tuning. So, both Jenny and I are going to try the low (processed) carb approach. (You do realize that means I’ll have to skip the In-N-Out burgers from now on 😦 ) Fruit & such are going to stay in, but I’m going to cut back on bread and sweet stuff. I will also do some form of exercise 6 of 7 days of the week. That will either be running or “ellipticizing.” Also, there is no reason that I cannot slip away from my desk at work for 5-15 or sometimes 30 minutes to walk around the parking lot. I have a basic bodyweight workout to do and I’m going to buy some weight training items within the next week. I would like to build up my endurance to be able run a 10K by 30 April. I could probably do it sooner but I do not relish the idea of running in the snow and ice, so I will wait on that training until things thaw a little.

Intellectual, Family & social will follow soon!



    1. Thank you for the recommendation, Jamie! I downloaded the sample for my iphone and will check it out as time allows. I really want try and stay on track with the the business books. They often have many great ideas and/or confirmations that I’m doing things in a decent manner.

      1. Yes I particularly like Christian perspectives on Business. After watching Andreas on Renewal Ministries’ “The Choices We Face”, I thought the book sounded good. I hope it turns out to be!

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