A-boo’s birth story

As with my other children, I thought I would take the time to remember her birthday, which was just recently celebrated.  She was an early Christmas present some 9 years ago.

Her birth story begins with a relatively normal pregnancy with the usual gestational diabetes for the wife.   The difficult part came during the last few weeks when labor seemed to start and run for 1-2 hrs and then just stop.  This happened a few times which, of course, gets everyone excited about heading to the hospital.  Jenny would lie down and rest for awhile, I would go into geek-mode (I got out my stopwatch and notepad) and time the contractions to see if any pattern emerged,

then N O T H I N G.

This went on for a few weeks.

We started going to the doctor weekly during the last few weeks of the pregnancy to get the usual checks.  Everything was fine, but each time we went, we were hoping that she had made some progress towards delivery, dilation, etc.  I recall going to the doctor on a Monday…this after having a few rounds of the faux-contractions.  Jenny was getting her hopes up that she had made enough progress during the false labor and other discomfort that he might induce her.  Our doctor, being very patient and not wanting to intervene with the natural order of things too much was like, “nope…not yet.  But I want you to come back on Friday and we’ll see how things look.”

So we come to the doctor’s office on Friday with high hopes that we’ll be good enough to get labor going.  “Nope…not yet.  Come back on Monday.” Tears and devastation complicated with impatience and needing to tell grandma again that we were coming home with a no-go.

Over the course of the weekend, we arrange with grandma to cover the appointment time again.  We head on over to the doctor’s office and await his analysis.  “Yep…let’s get you going upstairs.”

Oh Joy! Oh rapture!  Yay!!!  Huzzah!!  <Insert your favorite good-news expression here!>

Things get started and everything went pretty much without a hitch.  She was, even to this date, our smallest baby by weight.  So much that it seemed like her skin was kind of baggy and hanging off of her feet.  But about three days worth of nursing, she really started to chunk out and has remained on the stocky side since.  Anyway…back to our story.

Christmas eve afternoon rolls around and we get to take the baby home.  We had originally not planned on going for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange at my in-laws but at the request of my father-in-law we ended up going that evening.  They all wanted to see their new granddaughter/neice.  And then…being the over-achiever that the wife is, and being the choir director at our former parish, we went to Midnight Mass.  NUTS!  We learned from this experience on what not to do.  We should have stayed in for the night and attended Christmas Mass in the morning.  Oh well…a lesson learned on saying NO in the future.  What a great and empowering word!

Here she is with her sisters near the Bean in downtown Chicago on a recent September visit.  Who gets to clean the Bean when all of the Chicago pigeons have their way with it?

Happy birthday, kiddo!



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