The Meeting, Part Deux

I am sorry (not really) for the cliffhanger from the prior post about how the wife and I met. Since it is my blog, I thought I would have a little sanguine fun. Too bad it is not such a monumental cliffhanger as “Who Shot JR”?

Secondly monumental cliffhanger was will KITT ever drive again after getting nearly destroyed by Goliath? (Not to mention his driver, Garthe, the evil twin of Michael Knight…complete with mustache and soul patch, an evil twin requirement. )

20121202-144730.jpg(Don’t hassle the Hoff!)


So, we left this soon-to-be meeting couple in suspense after Marc convinced Jenny to agree to meet. The third time was the charm!

Where to go? Ballgame? Nah. Techno dance bar? Definitely no. Large public indoor ice rink? Yes! Perfect! I knew one that was not too far away and had regular open skating. So I proposed meeting there one July evening.

That night came along. I arrived at the rink first. I wore jeans and Rams sweatshirt. She told me she would be in jeans and black sweatshirt. I see her come into the rink a few minutes after I get there. I see pretty eyes and pretty smile. We shake hands, go get tickets and rent skates. I help her put on skates. We head out for the ice.

I was relatively decent at skating. Certainly not peewee hockey club proficient and DEFINITELY NOT flamboyant enough for men’s figure skating. I could keep my balance and such as well as skate backwards a little. Just enough proficiency to be dangerous I suppose…kinda like my knowledge of the French.

She was more proficient at roller skating but caught on just fine. We go around and around the rink talking and stuff. All of the sudden, she fell down on the ice. Being the suave gentleman that I am, I kept skating! Just kidding. I stopped and helped her up and held her hand, briefly, to get started but then I’d let go. “I don’t to come on too strong,” I thought. Conversation continues and she “fell” again. I write “fell” because some time later, she confessed to me that they were not accidental. She was testing me!! I guess as to see if I was the real thing and not some tool like in her prior relationships.

Public skating ended and we proceed out to the lobby area, returned the skates etc.

Since the large public facility allowed for a quick departure with our “deal” mentioned in part 1 of this story, and she did not leave, I saw this as a good sign. So good that I asked if she was hungry and would like to get some dinner. “Yes,” was her response. Good sign indeed!

Dinner was at a nearby, now defunct, KC Masterpiece. It was delicious! More good conversation continues.

Dinner ends and I take her to her car. I ask if we could go out again. She answered in the affirmative. We smile, hug each other, and depart for the evening.

I went home a very happy man. Everything seemed to go quite well…better than anything else that I attempted in prior years. This was a special girl who actually seemed to enjoy my company. We met again two nights later and our relationship grew from there.


We have come a long way since then, some 15+ years now. If someone would have told me that we would be married, go to the Latin Mass and have conceived seven (7) souls, I probably would have laughed in their face. But, here we are! We could not think of our marriage and family life in any other way!


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