Fond Childhood Memories – I

As I was doing the dishes tonight, I was watching a few Youtube videos on the wife’s iPad.  In something totally unrelated to what I was looking for originally, I remembered that this video was out there:

Although the timing of the above video was the first Persian Gulf War (1991), this was pretty typical for the National Anthem at the Stadium.  Although it is probably not “by the rubrics” crowd-wise regarding respect for the anthem and the flag…well, it is what it is.  Try telling 18,000 Hawks fans to shut up, would ya?!

I have fond memories of the building shaking during this song.  I remember seeing the small scoreboards hanging from the balcony above our seats vibrating and going absolutely berserk because of the roar of the crowd that would put an F-15’s afterburners to shame.  It really got the fans charged up without a doubt!

I remember sloshing through the hallways in the stadium because of leaky pipes and spilled beer.  I remember seeing cigarette smoke billow in the lights above us.  Believe it or not, I actually survived this without the government stepping in to save me!  (I did not wear a bike helmet either…so there!…although that may explain other things)  I fondly remember the Stadium announcer’s distinct voice…”Blackhawk goal, scored by number 18 Dennis Savard” or “One minute to play in the period.” The crowd erupted to this too!

Sadly, those days are long gone.  They went with the wrecking ball some years ago.

Well…the link below brought back another related memory.  I did not attend this particular game but do remember seeing one with a similar brawl but at the very end of it.  I think it was against the long-time rival Detroit Redwings.  Since this is supposed to be a G-rated blog, I will refrain from transcribing some of the stuff heard from the rowdy and drunk fans.  On this video clip, there are some familiar faces, voices and jerseys on this video from both Chicago and St. Louis’ side.  Enjoy the game festivities!

PS – Many thanks to my dad for taking me to these games growing up.  We did not attend them very often but they were always a special treat. I was never grateful enough.


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