A weekend of “Firsts”

This past weekend, I had the great pleasure of participating (actively, of course) in two events.

Drum roll, please….

I was invited to a good friends’s house to help him in the process of creating a home brew! I have partaken in his most excellent beer before, but never was I part of its creation. I really enjoyed seeing how (at least a part) it all comes together

The green stuff floating on top is hops. That pot’s capacity is five (5) gallons….that is

(soon to be)

This batch will be a hefeweizen. It’ll be ready to be enjoyed in a few weeks.


Little Miss Peanut lost her first tooth! My active participation included aiding the egression of said tooth. She was not thrilled with me pulling it out, but about 10 seconds after the removal, she realized that the “Tooth Fairy Mom and Dad (TMD)” would bring a chocolate bar that evening. Tears stopped; big smile emerged. Need I tell you (again) her temperament?

As the head if this household, I ruled there shall be no fairies of any kind, so we made up the aforementioned TMD. Same function, just sans fairies.

I must say, however, that we forgot one time. Our answer was that the TMD was on strike and did not do his job! Fortunately the TMD negotiated a decent deal awhile back and there have been no further incidents like this. It’s a good thing the TMD does not deliver Twinkies!


The second tooth came out two days later!


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