Day 2 – The Adventures of Raphael and Christopher

Welcome back to the second day of our excellent adventure traveling to, around and away from Southern California. We had a good night’s sleep in order to prepare or The Mahster’s big day at work. We have no idea what he does but it must be important. Of the thousands of people who work there, they needed to fly The Mahster all the way out here to fix something.

And, if we may, Mrs. Blogger over here has us mis-identified. We are NOT Lego Men but Playmobil Men! Can’t you tell the difference?! We had better be nice, though. The Iron Man featured in that post is probably twice our height and could probably punch us into the next time zone. Fortunately, we probably will not have the same itinerary, so we think we’re safe…for now.

Yaaawn! Good morning! Our backs are a little sore because we slept on the ottoman vs the nice comfy bed of The Mahster. Oh well.

This morning, The Mahster did some work. He was supposed to call into a staff meeting today but it was cancelled. So he was able to do some other work.

We will have the breakfast soon. It will be light because The Mahster will need to prepare himself for tonight’s challenge of having a 4xMeat as to not let down “Mr. C.

Wow, The Mahster sure drinks a lot of coffee! This is his second cup already! He already had some of that French Roast stuff upstairs!

A pretty light breakfast. Too bad we are made of plastic and cannot enjoy some of the processed pork products that were provided pro-bono to The Mahster.

Oh well, time to go to the plant! But not before showing you the massive fish tank in the hotel lobby!

Bother! ; security will not let us in the building so well have to stay in the car. We guess we will just stay here on the dashboard all day. Hopefully we won’t get a sunburn.

Now that work has been done and we’ve returned to our hotel room. Since it is still daylight and nice outside, we are going for a bit of a run in nearby Irvine.

The Mahster has work tonight but wants to get this in before dinner (to offset what’s coming!)

First order of business tonight. Take a shower after that run, Mahster. You stink!

Second order of business. Thou shall not lose the opportunity for the Manger’s Reception at Embassy Suites! It’s kind of precept for business travel! Mmm…Bud Light and Nachos!’Tis a nice appetizer for the upcoming feast at In N Out Burger…next!

Ahhh…here we are again. The Mahster wanted originally to go to Souplantation, which is a sister brand to Sweet Tomatoes (a soup and salad bar joint), but we talked him out of that rabbit food. He needed to save face with his friends back in St. Louis and Fort Worth. They certainly would have chided him for that, especially “Mr. C.” The order (above) was off of the so-called secret menu. This was his favorite: four-by-meat, extra toast and fries “well.” Dare we say, in blog lingo, it is
It was also a nice evening, so we could sit outside. The only thing missing was Peklet mom! She’d really enjoy this now.
The capstone of the dinner was that The Mahster took a vanilla shake to go too…he said he needed the energy for the work he had to do tonight.
Good night back in STL. The Mahster was up working late on a few things that were left over from the usual work day.Tomorrow we get to fly home. Yayyy!!! Long day so we should end this now. Good night!



  1. I loved the line: “The only thing missing was Peklet mom!” It just made me smile.
    And, the final picture – at first glance, I thought you used cloth diapers for their blankets, but it looks more like towels or napkins – very thoughtful Marc!

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