A Perfect Moment 006 § Nighttime Air Travel

My career Plan A was to be an airline pilot….ever since I was little, my dear parents said that I wanted to be an airline pilot and a bowler. I suppose I watched pro bowling ad nauseum on TV when I was a kid and must’ve been fascinated with the shoes or something.

I pursued the airline pilot career through most of college but at some point I gave it up for my vision was not getting better and I was (Providentially) never hired for a flight instructor position at school. That is a key job to be able to earn enough logged flight hours to get an airline job. It was then that I realized that it would not have been conducive to family life and the love of family I have now would not exist.

Anyway, I recently had some business travel which put me in the air at night for much of the trip. Specifically, from ORD to LAX, I took off to the west right before sundown and basically watched an hour long sunset out my window. It’s kind of neat that we flew just a bit slower than the sun is setting on the horizon to lengthen the show. It was also quite peaceful. Flying at night just seems quieter. Perhaps it is sleepier passengers or maybe it’s just me.

I had the same feelings when I was in flight training and we had night flights. Always quiet and peaceful…up in the heavens.




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