A Perfect Moment 002 § Coming Home From Work

The best part of my workday is when I arrive home. Unless its been a really bad day, I will get one of these scenarios:

  1. The Peklets are praying the Rosary with the wife and I join them to completion.
  2. They are playing in the living room. Flip watches for my head through the window in the door and gets all excited and hugs my leg when I walk in. Sometimes, I get a round of “It’s the maaahstaah” as featured toward the end of Mary Poppins when all the chimney sweeps are dancing and flailing about Mr. Banks’ house. Heaven forbid, I would forget to take my hat off. Else, I will get four voices shouting, in unison, “TAKE YOUR HAT OFF, BANKS!” (Although they know that Admiral Boom is my favorite character in the movie)

  3. If the weather is nice, they’re often sitting up on the porch which is some 20 feet above street level, up a hill. You’d think a celebrity just came home! They want to open the car door, get my stuff, open the trunk, close the trunk, close the door, lock the door, etc.

What more can this dad ask for?


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